Get Younger-Looking Skin

Lulu Rose - March 15, 2018

Our skin is our largest organ. It does more than just make us look good. Our skin helps us regulate our body temperature and protects our internal organs by keeping out harmful pathogens. It also protects us from harming ourselves through touch and the sensations to hot and cold. Though most people are concerned with the health of their skin for aesthetic reasons, it is …

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How to Treat Skin Spots

Lulu Rose - February 10, 2018

Over time, our skin experiences various changes, and most often they are the consequence of our way of living. For example, if you have bad eating habits and are exposed to the sun too often, skin spots are more likely to appear. However, even if you’re a health freak and hide from the sunrays, mere ageing can lead to the same outcome. Therefore, we’ve decided …

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4 Serious Problems Associated with Teeth Grinding

Lulu Rose - December 21, 2017

Teeth grinding, known medically as ‘bruxism’, can be caused by numerous factors, including sleep apnoea and stress. Regardless of the root cause, it’s a habit that should be avoided. If you’re already a grinder, here are just four reasons why you need to consult with your dentist as soon as possible. Stress Fractures As you grind your teeth, tiny stress fractures can develop. People often …

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Fall Fashion Trends You Need In Your Wardrobe

Lulu Rose - December 6, 2017

Being fashionable comes easy for some and not as easy for others. Some people struggle with putting together an outfit, and some people can throw on whatever and it works. It all personal preference on how you define fashion. A lot of times people watch runway shows and wonder if that is what’s really in style now. Some people think to themselves, I would never …

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Make a Statement with DIY Distressed Denims

Lulu Rose - December 1, 2017

Your favorite fashion icons have fallen head over heels for distressed denims. This old trend is coming back with a new statement this season with celebrities like Rihanna and Kylie Jenner sporting stylish distressed denims on all their outings. Save your dresses for formal events, prom nights, and weddings. This season will see only the coolest denims in town.

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Your jewelry should show the world who you are

Lulu Rose - July 31, 2017

The choice of the right jewelry is not just about being nice and good for your personal style. When choosing jewelry, both when buying new jewelry for the jewelry box and choosing the best jewelry for the outfit, it’s important that you focus on your jewelry showing the outside world who you are. Jewelry is something that can give your outfit a completely different expression, …

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