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Lulu Rose - November 23, 2018

While being pregnant can be exciting and beautiful, it can also be uncomfortable and exhausting. With so much to worry about including nutrition, baby showers, picking a name and more, what you wear shouldn’t be another stress to add on your already overflowing pile. So to help you make quick and easy decisions with regards to your pregnancy wardrobe, here are three tips for being cute and comfortable while you’re carrying a baby.

Embrace the V-Neck

When you’re pregnant, everything grows, including your chest. If you’re not used to having a bigger chest, this can make it difficult for you to find a neckline you’re comfortable with. To help with this, Alissa Fagadau Zachary, a contributor to, suggests wearing v-necks whenever possible. This style of neckline creates the illusion that your chest is flatter than it actually is, helping you to not appear so top-heavy. If you’re uncomfortable with a deep v-neck, choose a scoop t-shirt to wear underneath to eliminate some cleavage.

Don’t Overdo the Sweatpants

As your belly grows, it can be tempting to wear sweatpants all day, everyday. And while this type of style can work for some, this is definitely not your only option. Patty Adams Martinez, a contributor to, shares that wearing maternity leggings, dresses, and even jeans can be just as comfortable as sweatpants if you’re able to find the right size and style. Martinez recommends looking for these articles of clothing in jersey knits to ensure you get the stretch you need to stay cute and comfortable all day long.

Keep Fabrics and Colors Simple

For many women, pregnancy is going to make them bigger than they’ve ever been before. This can make many women feel self-conscious and shy away from certain types of clothing or styles. So to maintain your sense of style without feeling or looking like a sausage, stylist Estee Stanley shares with that pregnant mamas should stick to classic colors and fabrics. By keeping the colors you wear on top dark and solid, you will appear slimmer even with your baby bump. For example, black always makes people look thinner regardless of how big they may actually be. And keep in mind that fabrics like satin are not very forgiving to the body, so try to stay away from textiles that don’t either hug the body or flow away from the body.

Even if you feel nauseous and bloated, you can find clothes that fit during pregnancy and make you look beautiful and glowing. Use the tips mentioned above to help you to have a cute and fashionable pregnancy without sacrificing your comfortability during these long nine months.