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Lulu Rose - November 29, 2017

Looking younger is one of those things that everyone would like.  The search for eternal youth has been a subject much discussed since the beginning of mankind.  Some people are naturally youthful and have skin which hardly wrinkles, while others are more prone to sagging skin and gaunt cheeks.

When it comes to looking younger in your older years, you don’t have to get financed for a facelift or go under the knife.  Sometimes all it takes is knowing how to use the resources that you have to cheat age.  Here are some of the best tips for looking young without having to visit a plastic surgeon.

Moisturize Regularly

Moisturizing your skin is essential to making sure that you preserve your skin’s elasticity and keep the dryness out which speeds up aging.

Try to make sure that in addition to your normal skincare routine that you are incorporating a moisturizer every day and night as well as some kind of moisture mask.  You can either make a mask yourself by combining natural ingredients, or you can purchase one which as everything that you need. Your skin won’t only feel better but you’ll look younger for a much longer amount of time than had you not moisturized.

Sleep More

Getting a full night’s sleep will do wonders for your face.  A tired face is usually patchy and red and your eyes look like they’re sunken and dark.

Try to make sure that you get in at least 8 hours of sleep a night.  If you have a busy schedule and the idea of going to bed early makes you laugh, try to make adjustments to be able to schedule more sleep.  Whether this means waking up earlier, or changing your work routine, you should try to make the effort necessary to make sure that you get in your precious Z’s.

Learn Some Contouring Skills

Makeup is a magical thing which can trick even the keenest of eyes into seeing the illusion of a more defined face.  Contouring is all about playing with light in order to give the illusion of brighter eyes, a slimmer nose, and of course, fabulous cheekbones.

Learning some basic contouring makeup skills can give the illusion of a youthful appearance which compares to plastic surgery.  While others have spent thousands on plastic surgery, you can do it for a fraction of the cost with a basic contouring kit.

Hair Extensions / Wigs

A full head of hair gives the impression of youthfulness and spunk.  Most celebrities wear hair pieces or extensions which make them look much younger.

If getting permanent extensions isn’t in your budget, consider clip-ins which are as little as a hundred bucks depending on where you look.