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Lulu Rose - November 23, 2018
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One of the reasons people go to gym is to look good. Of course, the biggest motive for this is to be healthy, but getting fit and healthy does not mean that you should not look good along the way. The first rule of your gym outfit is for it to be comfortable and useful, but with all those sport gear producers out there, there is no reason why you would not look good. Here are five tips on looking trendy and hip at the gym.

Get Crazy with Those Colors

Black is simply the best option for your sweatpants. The thing is – you can easily combine it with any other color and the sweat marks are not that visible on black. Surely, you are in the gym to break some sweat and nobody will think less of you if you have marks, but those marks on your pants are not cute. The other colors on you can be neon, bright and fun. imageThink pink. It goes well with black, it is fun and it is sporty and feminine. Neon green is also a great choice.

Check Out the Designer Sport Lines

If you want to leave the choice to the professionals, simply hit some of the Nike, Adidas and similar stores and check out their sports lines. Once you see them, you will get a sudden urge to buy everything from that line. You will see that all those lines include some cute tops that also offer a lot of support. You can wear them if you are confident enough, or simply mark it as your milestone.

Keep Your Hair Tight

Just like always, your look depends greatly on your hair. Surely, you do not want it to look messy and you should never exercise with your hair down. Long hair should be in a high, tightly make pony tail. Shorter hair needs a headband to keep it off our face. Tightly and precisely made braids will also do the trick with keeping your hair together and still making it look awesome. Some ladies can make a good bun work, as well, while other find it not tight enough and distracting.


Try Adding and Bit of Street Style

There is something very chic about the street style. Just consider all those cute hoodies, or tops with one free shoulder. These may not be that perfect to exercise in, but they are definitely a good option to throw over your exercise outfit on your way to and from the gym. Even big companies that make awesome womens gymware introduce them into their 2fashion lines. Also, those cool hats and beany caps can really make you look cool.

Accessorize All the Way

All those amazing outfits look 100% better when there are those awesome accessories to complete it. You could spend thousands only on some of those gorgeous totes. You definitely need sporty sunglasses for jogging and some cool fingerless gloves for the weight lifting. Do not forget about all those watches, pedometers and heart rate monitors that can be absolutely flawlessly designed. If it does not get in the way of your exercising and you like it – use it. Personalized water bottles, headbands and socks – whatever you like. These details will turn your gym outfit into your fashionable gym look.

If you need good motivation to hit the gym and not skip any of the workouts, set some goals and milestones for yourself. Once you do those, promise yourself new and better equipment after each of the milestones. All those sweatpants, sneakers and hoodies will definitely make you want to hit the gym harder.