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Lulu Rose - November 23, 2018

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Lulu Rose - November 23, 2018

7 Tips for Picking the Trendiest Fashion Jewellery For Every Occasion

Lulu Rose - November 23, 2018

As most people with even a passing interest in the latest trends can attest, it can sometimes seem like the contemporary fashion world is a bit divorced from how everyday people perceive fashion. But, while most of us don’t go overboard in trying to emulate runway models, we still appreciate looking our best on a day-to-day basis. Which is why we’ve prepared this quick list of trendy fashion jewellery tips for every occasion, so that you can make the most of your carefully-chosen accessories:

Single earrings 

image2Part of the current asymmetrical trend that’s sweeping the nation, single earrings convey a sense of rebelliousness, something that matches well with a daring outfit. From long earrings to hoops and ear cuffs, feel free to experiment and see which particular style of earring suits you best.

Pearls everywhere 

Few jewellery types better encapsulate the glamorous elegance of ages past than the celebrated pearl. With a strong accent on its Parisian roots, today’s pearl necklaces are of the classic variety, but they also work well when matched with decidedly contrasting looks like the military jacket and the sports sweater.

Bracelets over sleeves 

image1Lovers of high quality trendy costume jewellery will find plenty to like about this remarkable trend, which sees bracelets and cuffs worn over sleeves for an innovative perspective on accessorizing. You can either wear them on the wrist or just above the elbow, and they work especially well over gloves.

Punk’s not dead 

For the upcoming fall, why not go for a more hardcore look that emphasizes the gritty glamour of safety pins and leather jackets? With creative new ways to utilize these elements in necklaces and statement earrings, punk fashion is making quite the comeback this year.

Crystal mania 

As one of the jewellery types with the most options for customization, crystals come in a variety of shapes and colours. By integrating raw rocks in your earrings, chokers and necklaces, you’ll be going for a tribal look that’s equal parts earthy and hypnotizing, and can provide some anchoring detail to your clothes.

Talisman jewellery 

If you particularly enjoy the idea of wearing symbolic jewellery, this is the season to go all out and layer your lucky charms and protective symbols together in talisman necklaces that scream ‘bohemianism’. Everything from zodiac signs to feathers can work well as long as they match the general color scheme of your outfit and aren’t too overbearing.

Folklore chic 

Speaking of which, folklore chic is making quite a splash with its focus on traditional bohemian materials such as wood and various kinds of textiles. Bright colors and exotic designs are the norm here, with some of the boldest items even featuring elements borrowed from religious traditions.

And so we’ve reached the end of your countdown of the seven tips you need to know in order to make the most of your costume jewellery. As trends continuously change and transform, you can expect this list to look quite different this time next year, but for the next few months the aforementioned trends look set to dominate the fashion world.