About Me

Lulu to you

Hello, the world! Lulu Rose here! I’m excited about this new blog I am starting because it’s about something we girls hate and love doing. Applying make-up and getting dressed to kill. I’m a 33-year-old working mum, one son and recently divorced, unfortunately. But that’s life. I live in Manchester; my flat is near Chinatown. Jason, my son, is ten years old, and he’s a real sweetie and very independent. He stays with his father every second weekend and during the holidays.

Male Make-Up?

Have you ever wondered just how it worked out that we females have to wear makeup and not the males? Where in the evolutionary cycle did things change from male animals making themselves look attractive to the female to us women having to look attractive to the males? It would be interesting at what point in civilization that occurred, invent a Time Machine, and make whatever subtle changes necessary and zip back into today. My idea of a great change would be to see macho men wearing lipstick and false eyelashes!

Dressing Up

Yes, transgender guys already do that, but it’s not quite the same. Anyway, far be it for me to grumble, I really don’t mind getting my glad rags on for a good night out and with some lipstick, eyeliner, mascara and a nice hairdo I feel rather glamorous. There’re not a lot of changes in the area of make-up. Maybe a few new players testing the market and there are some rather outrageous colours for eye shadow and lipstick these days, but the fact remains, we do our eyes, cheeks and lips. You can go that extra step and buy some colorful contacts, but I’m not sure how good that is for your sight.

Fashion to Suit 

In the world of fashion, there are, of course, changes almost daily. What some of the models are wearing as they sashay down the catwalk one would not probably wear in a pink fit, but it’s nice to see the imagination and creativity of designers on show. From a blog point of view, I would like to preview and comment on fashion that is suitable for different occasions. Women involve themselves in many different life events, and it’s handy to know that there is a style to wear for each one. Things we do and like to be dressed well for include:-

  • Business
  • Beach
  • Gym
  • Evening
  • Formal
  • Cocktail
  • Dancing / Party
  • Rage

So what do you think ladies? Would you care to join me here and help with some discussion on make-up styles and the latest fashions and how we might wear them? Drop me an email and take part in some chat about things that are not only important to us women but things that cost us a lot of money. Do you have any ideas about how to look good on a budget? Where can we buy some hot bargains? Let us know.