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Lulu Rose - November 23, 2018

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Lulu Rose - November 23, 2018

Boho Dress-Up Style Tips and Tricks for an Amazing Summer Look

Lulu Rose - November 23, 2018

Nothing says “summer” better than a newly found retro look inspired by romanticism and a free-spirited attitude. The boho fashion style is certainly not new, but it has been revamped as of late in a glorious manner. Feminine, a little decadent, wildly sophisticated and chic, the boho style is seen everywhere on runways and the streets and for all the good reasons.

But how can you truly pull off a boho style without going overboard? How can you emphasize on your romantic and bohemian personality without making the wrong statement? Let’s see together today a few boho style tips, tricks, and match-ups to turn you into a fashion goddess!

1. Layers upon Layers… with an Amendment

One of the staples of the boho fashion is the layering of thin, sheer and see-through fabrics and the mix of natural materials (silk, cotton, velvet, suede, chiffon, organza, leather, etc.). What you need is a charming feminine look that compliments your body frame and allows you freedom of movement in a feminine fairy-like manner. But when does too much layering become too much?

  • Don’t wear too many long layers stacked together, as they will make you look a lot shorter and virtually swallowed by a pile of clothes. Pick one long piece of clothing and stack layers in different lengths. Since we’re talking about a summery outfit, don’t be afraid to show your arms and legs.
  • Don’t mix too many different textures. A boho look can be simply achieved by wearing a maxi off-shoulder boho Bardot dress in silk with a slim fit crocheted vest and a pair of gladiator sandals. Stacking velvet upon silk and wool upon the rest of the layers will not make you look romantic and bohemian, but cramped and corny.

2. Pick the best boho colours that work for you

One of the staples in boho fashion is the earthy and natural colours: from pale beiges to dark reds, from olive shades to chocolate hues and from sweet aqua blues to soft pinks, everything is allowed. However, not all women are flattered by neutral shades and colours – and you might find out that the boho look is harder to achieve.

  • Pick a colour that truly works for you and flatters your skin tone and your attitude, and wear it near your face – pick a tank top, necklace, earrings, and hat and so on in a nuance that speaks about who you are.
  • Leave the boho-specific colours to your bottom body half – people first notice your face and bust and then they look from the waist down. Keep the boho hues below your waist and the colours that represent you above and you will pull off the perfect boho look.

3. Accessorise in style

Many women wrongfully think that a boho style is expensive, as they have to buy specific clothes, specific shoes, and specific accessories. Things can’t be farther from the truth. You can pull off the perfect boho style even if you wear blue skinny jeans and a white tank top. The Devil is in the details, and your accessories (which can and should be affordable) make the whole difference:

  • Get a thin summery crocheted shawl to throw over your shoulders and get a romantic, laidback boho look in minutes.
  • Pick affordable jewellery: beads, rhinestones, glass and marble, wooden necklaces, leather and lace statement pieces, stacked chains and so on. As long as you know the main rules of stacking multiple jewellery pieces together, you will look amazingly bohemian!
  • Wear a head piece: headband, scarf, hat, bandana and flowery hair pins – they are all part of the boho look and can style up any casual outfit.
  • Remember to wear slouchy, distressed ankle boots with shorts, boho dresses, skinny jeans or maxi dresses – they are a staple of the boho fashion and versatile enough to match any type of

Remember that the boho look is a state of mind, more than a fashion trend. Sweet, feminine, artsy, a bit bizarre and self-indulgent, the boho look can be styled up to match any woman’s age and personal style.

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