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Lulu Rose - November 23, 2018

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Lulu Rose - November 23, 2018

A lot of us find it easier to make an opinion on someone based on the clothes they are wearing, and whilst there is generally more to people than what they wear, it helps us to get a glimpse into someone’s character and lifestyle. This can be applied to the world of dating where the way we dress can have a great impact on whether or not we manage to find a new partner. So when it comes to dating, there are ways we can dress which will help present ourselves better, which in turns can help us being more successful at dating.

Being yourself

We all have different characters and personalities, and whilst some of us prefer to dress up smart, others can have a more quirky attitude to dressing up. The best thing to do is to wear clothes which match our personalities. Not only will this make us feel more comfortable but it also makes us a more coherent date. To explain this further, it is important to know how modern dating works. Most people tend to use online dating, whether they are looking for romance or they just want to find a casual partner because they want to meet for sex now. When dating online, we generally tend to talk to people using messaging or chat rooms, so they already get an idea of who we are before meeting up. Showing up for that date whilst being dressed in a way that is out of character will make our date feel like we are not who we said we are, so it is important to be our self and wear something which stays in character.

Making the effort

Even though it is important to dress in a way which matches our character, a date is still something we need to put some effort into. It is vital for a successful date as it shows we are considerate and we are willing to put in the work. The best thing to do is to make sure our clothes are clean and in good condition, in fact there is nothing wrong with going out there to buy a few garments if we feel our clothes are a little too old. So the lesson here is to make sure our clothes are fresh and clean, but furthermore it is good to try to dress up a bit smarter than usual. This doesn’t necessarily mean an out-of-character suit and tie, but trying for a smart-casual is a good idea; it looks good but still feels comfortable for the two parties involved in that date.

Enhancing your best attributes

Some clothes can do a great job at enhancing some of our physical features. Whether it is using specific colours to enhance some of our facial features (lips, eyes, hair…) or whether we are looking at enhancing some of our body parts (shoulders, legs, waist…), we can find items of clothing which do a great job at making our best features stand out even more. People who are confident about their bodies are most likely to know this already, but some of us who are less confident do not always know what their best features are.  The best thing to do first is to ask the people around us what they think our best features are, and then test our wardrobe and see which clothes work best. If none of our clothes work, we can consider going on a little clothes shopping trip!

It’s not about the money

Going to buy new clothes is not about spending money into the latest fashionable brand, but instead it is merely about finding something which makes us look good, and which we feel comfortable wearing. Ultimately it depends on your character and personality, as some of us enjoy spending more money in clothing than others. It is worth noting however that money shouldn’t be the defining attribute which attracts your date, especially if you are looking for true love. The morale behind this is that you don’t need to be rich to look good for your next date, instead just look at what fits your character, personality and body and be true to yourself. As long as you feel comfortable wearing what you enjoy, then your date should appreciate you as you are. If not, then maybe they are not the right person for you, so go back and search for someone who will appreciate your true self.