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Lulu Rose - November 23, 2018

Let’s face it — gift-giving is just one of those rituals which present us with so many headaches that we often wonder just why we keep subjecting ourselves to it each year and on each occasion which apparently calls for a gift. Spare a thought for the A-listers though…I know, I know it’s hard to feel pity for the extreme-haves, but just imagine how much more of a nightmare it must be trying to pick out a gift for someone who can effectively afford to buy the world!

It’s rather interesting to explore some of the most extravagant and luxurious of these gifts through the eyes of independent footwear retailer, Daniel Footwear, as they walk us through some gifts that will make your eyes pop out.

North West’s Personalised Gift for Mum, Kim Kardashian

The gift-giving headaches start very early on in life for A-listers, as demonstrated by three-year-old North West’s gift to mum, Kim Kardashian. The little celebrity baby hit it out of the park this time, with a customised Hermes Birkin bag for Kim’s 34th birthday. The customisation came in the form of an orange hand-print to go with an explosion of colour. Good luck keeping this up though, err North!

Jennifer Hudson’s Mega Gift to Assistant, Walter Williams

Jennifer Hudson’s assistant, Walter Williams probably has every right to claim that he has the best boss in the world. Jen went and bought him a house for Christmas to solidify her spot as the best employer. Don’t feel too bad looking at the generic gift your boss’ assistant forced him/her to pretend he/she got for you, after all, your boss isn’t Jennifer Hudson.

Lionel Richie’s Gift of Super Luxurious Convenience

Hey at least he’s spending his money on something(s) which isn’t too damaging to the self or anyone else, like drugs or anything of that sort. But yeah, I saw an interview once where Lionel Richie said one needs to be able to exercise self control when you come into money. “You want girls, money will get you those. You want drugs, money will get you those,” he said. Well he went and spent some of his on seven Mercedes Benz vehicles, apparently one for each day of the week! Nice gift to oneself, if you can afford it…

Mariah Carey’s Sparkling Gifts to Her Friends and Family

Mariah Carey has mastered the art of turning something uninspiring and unimpressive into one which cannot help but make you drop your jaw right down to the ground. The singer went and had stockings encrusted with diamonds, to the tune of £15,000 per pair, and a pair went around to each of her female friends and family.

Tom Cruise and Katie Homles’ Extravagant Gift for Their Daughter, Suri

I don’t know how to feel about this one, but does it matter? No it doesn’t, because Suri, daughter of Tom Cruise and Katie Homes got her first pad before any of us probably even thought about moving out of home, although it is a playhouse. The Victorian-style playhouse which features running water and electricity reportedly cost £15,000 and came with a £6,000 mini Mercedes to add to all the glam.