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Lulu Rose - December 6, 2017

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Lulu Rose - December 6, 2017

Being fashionable comes easy for some and not as easy for others. Some people struggle with putting together an outfit, and some people can throw on whatever and it works. It all personal preference on how you define fashion. A lot of times people watch runway shows and wonder if that is what’s really in style now. Some people think to themselves, I would never leave the house in something like that. To each their own when it comes to being fashionable- although today, I am going to introduce you to a few new trends to end off the remainder of the year! Why not end your year off with some glam. Oh and check out mizon snail recovery gel cream review. It might not look glam but it works! Let’s get on with the trends.

  • Robe Coats
  • Wide Leg Slouches
  • Rose Prints + Other Wild Prints
  • Red Clothes
  • Faux Fur Coats
  • Broad Shoulders
  • Mid Length Skirts

Robe coats are the next major street style fashion trend. Not just robe coats in general but also silk robe coats seem to be the big talk. I guess they would be comfortable, so why not!

Wide Leg slouches are other words comfy wide leg pants. This trend seems to come and go but it is definitely here to stay till the end of the year. You can dress up your wide leg pants or dress down. They are both fancy and casual, depending on what other fashionable extras you pair them with.

Have you noticed all the floral print shirts, coats and pants these past couple months? It seems like you cannot walk out of the house without seeing someone wearing something with roses or flowers. It definitely brings happy vibes and it looks great.

Red clothes this fall 2017 seems to be the color of the fall- and color of the year for that matter. If you don’t like to wear the color red, I would advise you to give this trend a try. You might be surprised how glamorous you will look. Pair it will some black extras and you will be the new 2017 fashionista.

Faux Fur coats that look a little worn or a little vintage seems to be the hot commodity in the fashion world today. You know those vintage coats that you can find at a second hand store or buy new it’s up to you- well those coats are making there way back into style. The bigger and more vintage they are the more fashionable you will be.

Broad shoulders and mid-length skirts are definitely a thing of the past and many of you will be able to remember this time. Who doesn’t like a little bit more padding on their body? Mid-length skirts are yes a casual and dressy way to look fashionable. It’s all about the way you present yourself. Whether you are going for the business look or a more fun/casual appearance. It’s all in the accessories and shoes now.

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