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Fashionable And Fit: Three Benefits of Wearing Compression Clothing

Lulu Rose - November 23, 2018

You may have noticed a trend around your gym, at the track or even on the streets of people rocking compression clothing while exercising. Apart from being easy to move around in and fashionable to wear, sporting compression clothing during sports or other physical activity actually has the potential for some major benefits to your body. To prove how this style choice is also a good workout choice, here are three of the main ways wearing compression stockings, sleeves, leggings and more can have a positive effect on your body while exercising.

Better Blood Flow

When you work out, your heart is working overtime to pump oxygen-rich blood all throughout the muscles you’re building. However, this blood can have a difficult time getting back to your heart at the pace you need it to. But with the added benefit of compression clothing, Women’s Health and Fitness claims that the blood flow will actually be markedly improved, allowing you to train harder for longer periods of time without your body giving out on you.

Potential For Improved Physical Performance

With the oxygen in your blood getting around your body at a faster pace and fewer buildups of lactic acid to wear out your muscles, you could be setting yourself up to see some improved performance physically when you wear compression clothing to workout. In fact, according to Amy Eisigner, a contributor to, some studies have found that athletes have improved performances in both jumping and running when wearing compression clothing. While this can’t be said to work definitively in each and every case, studies have also found the even if empirical scientific evidence can’t always be found for improved physical performance, the placebo effect of wearing compression clothing can be just as powerful.

Faster Recovery

Not only can wearing compression clothing make your workouts more beneficial, but it can also make your recovery time shorter and more accelerated. According to the book Recovery for Performance in Sports as reported by, wearing compression clothing during recovery time after working out can improve muscle contraction, leave less muscle injuries, decrease pain and swelling, and maintain flexibility in the joints. So even if you don’t find yourself feeling comfortable wearing tight compression clothing while you’re getting your sweat on, simply putting on this type of clothing following your workout can give you an immense amount of physical benefits as well. And who doesn’t want faster recovery so they can get back out there again?

If you feel that you could benefit physically from wearing compression clothing either while you workout or following an exercise routine, consider getting yourself some stylish compression socks, leggings or sleeves to see improvement in your blood flow, performance and recovery.