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Lulu Rose - December 1, 2017

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Lulu Rose - December 1, 2017

Your favorite fashion icons have fallen head over heels for distressed denims. This old trend is coming back with a new statement this season with celebrities like Rihanna and Kylie Jenner sporting stylish distressed denims on all their outings. Save your dresses for formal events, prom nights, and weddings. This season will see only the coolest denims in town.

Here is the DIY process to own this trend and channel the stylish diva in you.

Step 1- Get ready for the basics

Your denims should look ‘distressed’ and ‘lived in.’ If you do not prepare well in advance, you could just end up cutting the jeans from here and there. That would be a total disaster. To begin with, the pair of jeans you are using should be clean. You may have to wash and dry it properly before cutting it.

Use a chalk and mark all the areas where you want to cut once the denims are clean. It would be wise to make cuts only at places which get naturally worn out. Knees are the most popular places for rips, but you could rip from pockets and bums as well. These days, cutting the jeans from the thighs is also very popular.

Step 2- Get the scissors to work

You need a thick cardboard that can be placed under the fabric where you need to cut. Simply cutting the jeans without using a thick magazine or a cardboard base can make you cut in wrong places. Sometimes, you rip both sides of the jeans which looks very awkward. Use the right precautions to get the best results.

You should be using a safety knife to rip the jeans. Scissors work well, but you can also get a paper cutter to do the job for you. This should give your jeans a great tear. It would be better not to keep all the tears of the same length. You want the jeans to look naturally distressed. A diamond shape is always the best option when using various sized cuts. This helps in giving the denims a natural wear.

After doing this, you should focus on fraying the jeans. This could be done by using a safety pin. Simply tease the threads of the jeans. Make sure that you do it very gently otherwise the threads could break. Pluck the vertical threads by using tweezers. Only the white threads should show along the rips.

Step 3- Distress time

You will need a sandpaper to finish your look. Cut just as much sandpaper as the cut along the jeans. Rub it gently on your jeans. It will look distressed as the sandpaper will make the color of the jeans fade away. Viola! It’s done!

Step 4- Add embellishments (optional)

If you want to make your jeans look more beautiful and stylish, consider adding some details to it. Floral embellishments are always a great addition, especially if they come in bright colors. Get a chic patch from an old t-shirt to give your denims an extra edge.

This is the simplest way to get the most amazing DIY distressed jeans. It should not take more than an hour to get amazing distressed denim.