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The Changing Face of Fashion

I think that fashion styles have changed 7 times since I last wrote in this blog, and that was only a week ago. Good Heavens! It’s impossible to keep up. It’s a funny thing about staying in touch too because it’s not so hard to do if you stick to a few relevant websites, other than mine. It’s all very well to see what the latest rage is in fashion, but unless you are a member of the glitterati, you are not about to buy something new every day to keep pace, are you?

You Dress to Please Who?

My friend Marge is a funny thing. Last week she popped in for a cuppa and was wearing a pair of tracksuit pants. I said, “Marge, did you know that wearing sweatpants is a sign of defeat? Have you lost control of your life?” She laughed and said that by wearing her favourite piece of clothing was the only bit of fashion rebellion she could think of trying!

She has a point, but readers, remember that women only dress for themselves and for each other. If we dressed to attract the opposite sex, we would just walk around naked! Haha! There’s a lot of truth in that, I think. It must be something in our genes that whispers in our ears that we should put something fashionable on when we go shopping just in case your friends and neighbours see you. And you don’t want to be caught wearing something that might end up on Instagram, do you?

Best Fashion and Glam Websites

Here’s a short list of what I think are the best websites to click on for a zap! of fashion. So you don’t scratch your head and wonder why I picked a couple, I have given reasons. is a place where you can buy direct, no middleman. Lower prices and up to date range of clothing and accessories. sells second-hand designer clothes. The price difference from new to used is almost unbelievable. Who knows, you might be wearing an original that was worn by some famous star collecting the Golden Globe. shows you why we love handbags as our number one accessory. is one of the biggest online sellers of the stuff we like to put on our face to make us look more beautiful – make-up! of course, the most major retailer should get a gig here. The prices can be a bit high but you are buying from a top website that has the record to back up its claim of service and quality. is advertised as the one stop fashion destination and if you’re not into shopping around too much online, then you could do a lot worse than park yourself here and buy everything you need.

To be honest, there are more than 100 online fashion and make-up websites that will probably fill the bill for your passion for fashion. If you have others that I missed here, drop me a line and we can talk about it.