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Lulu Rose - April 9, 2018

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Our best outfit ideas for changing weather

Lulu Rose - April 9, 2018

Some places are always hot, some are always cold, and some are always in between. Then, of course, we all have to deal with the unpredictability of weather in between seasons. It might be raining in the morning, and then humid in the afternoon. That often leaves us with the problem of what to wear so that we can stay comfortable all day.

In that case, here are some items that you should introduce into your wardrobe right now so you’ll no longer have to worry about being caught short in the sartorial department.

Layering light outwear

One of the best solutions for weather that can’t make up its mind is keeping your outerwear light enough to layer. Something like a leather jacket can be perfect to wear over a summer dress or with a scarf when you’re feeling the chill. Similarly, a trench coat is often classed as a timeless piece because it’s so easy to wear with absolutely any outfit. We challenge you to find outerwear that compares in terms of weight and versatility.

Stick to longer hemlines

The longer hemline of a midi skirt will give you more coverage than a mini, allowing you to go tight-less. Layering it up with a knit jumper or cardigan will make it the perfect outfit choice for summer to autumn, especially if you keep floral prints in the colours of the season in mind. If you want to know what’s on trend right now, check out Ashleigh Plus Size, a site that’s dedicated to helping you find the perfect outfit no matter your size.

A pair of formal flats

Choosing footwear can be a huge hassle when the rain is on and off, and no matter how much you love your winter boots, you’re probably feeling that it’s time to put them back in their box until next year. If it’s not warm enough for sandals yet, try a pair of closed-toe ballet flats that will look good with jeans, tights, or a summer dress.

Crop your trousers

Every woman should own a pair of cropped trousers because they work for all heights, shapes and sizes. On the days when you feel it’s too chilly for a skirt, pair your cropped trousers with a pair of short boots, trainers or flats, and you’ll have the perfect transitional style. Cropped trousers are also a great option for those warmer days in the office.

Never underestimate a silky scarf 

Sometimes it’s necessary to ward off a slight chill. Perhaps on the morning commute, for example. That’s why you should always have a pretty silk scarf with you to drape around your shoulders or tie around your neck. You might even want to make your scarf your style trademark à la Audrey Hepburn in Roman Holiday. 

Utilise the utility jacket 

The military jacket has been on trend for some time, with designers adapting their styles as the seasons change. Whether it’s a fitted jacket or an oversized bomber jacket, you can easily transition between seasons by pairing it with more feminine pieces such as a silky midi dress or a leather skirt.