From Far Out to Fashion Forward: Summer’s Trendiest Handbags

Lulu Rose - November 23, 2018

Tote that bag, Lift that Bale…

Lulu Rose - November 23, 2018

The Return to Fashion of Cat Eye Frame Glasses

Lulu Rose - November 23, 2018
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If you have ever walked into a trendy boutique or happening vintage store, you have probably noticed that certain trends never seem to go away. Whether we are looking at classic Levi jeans or hipster hats, there are some things that just seem to return again and again as each successive generation discovers them. Lately the big return has been the classic look of the cat eye frame eyeglasses popularized in films and television shows in the forties and fifties. Even those who don’t need a prescription are turning to them to create a look that is both hipster cool and intelligent. Who knew that being smart would be a trend again?

The Cat Eye Frame and a Return to Glamour

While it is still true that many consider wearing glasses to be uncool, true fashionistas know that anything that adds to your individual stamp is a must. We may all laugh at Marilyn Monroe staring myopically in Some Like It Hot, but when she puts on her glasses and suddenly stands tall and confident, she also gains an admirer. During this era, women did all they could to look glamorous, and wearing glasses may not have been seen as part of that trend. But the cat eye shape frames made them simply a part of the fashion movement. Add a few rhinestones and you had a real glamourous look that also fit with the fashion of the day.

Showing Off Your Glasses

While the intervening years moved away from glamour as a trend, the beat of disco and the charge of hip hop brought a whole new sensibility to the idea of fashion. While clothing became more adventurous, so did eyewear. The popularity of singers like Elton John and John Lennon made us aware that glasses could actually make a statement about who we are and what we believe. With such icons of pop culture to lead the way, a variety of styles and approaches to eyewear began to show up on runways and in fashion magazines. It was only a matter of time before the return of the cat eye glass frames brought it all full circle.

Hipster to Mommy Blogger

Of course, today’s fashion statements trend all over the place as the web exposes us to a wide variety of looks. The pork pie hatted hipster of the city can wear cool sunglasses while the mommy blogger in the suburbs talks about babies and eyeglasses for reading. Both have a reach out to a bold audience that is hungry for new ideas of fashion and no longer reads the glossy magazines of their parents for clues.

Today the fashion world is filled with street trends, low brow blogging and Boho fashion tips. Add in the influence of Asian styles and the return of folk clothing in the festival clothing scene and you have a million places to get your fashion clues. In there remains the allure of fashion eyeglasses from a bygone era. So whether you pick out your frames from a hip website, neighborhood street fair vendor or local vintage store, those Marilyn frames will still stand you in good stead. Hip is always fashionable, no matter where you find it.