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Sicily Travel Guide for Families

Lulu Rose - April 19, 2016

The wonderful Island of Sicily in Southern Italy is the perfect place to visit for families with children. The friendliness of the locals that derives from their ancestral respect for family values is a common ingredient in Sicilian culture, and the island has plenty to offer for both adults and kids of all ages. Experience the awesome theme-park of Etnaland at Etna Park, with its great roller-coaster rides, aqua-park amusements, and latest AVR technology at its Prehistoric Park that brings life-size Dinosaurs to life right before your eyes, and the whole family will find it as spectacular as a trip to Disneyland. And you can spend the next day volcano-trekking on Mt. Etna- the largest active volcano in Europe- which will provide the kids with an adventurous but also educational experience as your tour guide teaches you about its history, geological evolution, and the story of the millennial cultures that established the first settlements there since neo-lithic times.  

You can go mountain-biking, hiking, trekking, or horse-riding in the Mountains of Madonie, and take advantage of all the fun activities available at the Parco Avventura Madonie, filled with exciting playgrounds where mom and dad can also relieve their stress and prepare a family pic-nic on the grass while kids enjoy tree-climbing, rope ladder-walking, and much more. Alternately, visit the Eco Campus Casaboli Adventure Park if you are near Palermo; like the Park at Madonie they have instructors and various adventure activities for kids separated according to skill levels, as well as many scenic hiking paths.

Syracuse is well known for its Greek heritage and for being the home of the great inventor Archimedes, so it has plenty to satisfy the archaeological and historical curiosity of adults. But there is also the world famous puppet theatre, with theatrical performances by the greatest puppet masters in the world. Your kids will have fun and also gain an insight into the history, myths and legends of Sicily and its cross-cultural heritage.

Or let your kids run around in the golden sands of the best beaches in Taormina, preferably complementing your vacation with a stay at a holiday villa in Taormina for the most affordable prices. Through online resources like the top-rated site Wishsicily you can stay in a villa in Taormina like the two-storey Villa Calipso (3 bedrooms, 6 sleeps, 3 bathrooms) at a cost of E150 X Night (5-7 nights minimum) during this season. Equipped with a large swimming pool and terrace with a view of Mt. Etna and the Alcantara Gorge, and furnished n authentic Sicilian style and decor, it is the perfect setting for a true family holiday away from the mundane.