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Lulu Rose - November 3, 2016

When the cold weather strikes it’s time to change up not only how you dress, but also how you care for your skin. You may notice that when it’s colder out your skin gets dryer, and may even be more susceptible to cracking and itching. That means you want to do some things differently to care for it than you do the rest of the year.

Skin care is about more than just moisturizing, though. You need to work to keep it safe from the harshly cold environment. Here are some tips that can help you keep warm and moisturized in the winter.

Caring For Your Skin

When cold weather comes it’s important to keep your skin hydrated. You don’t want to use soaps that have too harsh of cleansers in them that strip too much of your skin’s natural oils away. Your skin is going to need that oil. When you do feel dry, use some moisturizer or hand cream to keep your skin moist.

Toes and elbows are a couple of the areas that may get most dry. Shaving your legs and armpits can also cause issues from the excess skin dryness in the winter. You may want to consider a different way of hair removal.

If you are feeling dry and itchy try taking a bath in some oatmeal. It will help relieve itching. Add some soothing lavender oil too, for relaxation and to help your skin too. You may also want to follow every bath or shower with a good moisture locking lotion or oil that can help you battle dry skin.

Wearing The Right Clothes

Keeping your skin moisturized is only one way to protect it in the winter. Frostbite can happen quickly, and can severely damage skin (and limbs). Always keep your extremities covered when you head out into the cold, even for shorter periods of time.

Make sure to always wear socks (maybe even thicker ones than you would some other time of the year), gloves, and even protect your ears with earmuffs or a hat of some kind. Your nose can get frostbitten as well, so scarves can come in very handy.

You may also want to have a scarf with you on cooler days that aren’t as cold but come with a blustery wind. Windburn can be as painful as a sunburn, and the only way to prevent it is to keep your skin covered.

Make moisturizing your skin a part of your daily beauty routine and your skin will thank you for it by not being dry and itchy, or by not cracking in uncomfortable places, like your toes and elbows. Make scarves and hats part of your cold weather fashion and you’ll always be warm while you’re looking good!